Thursday, August 20, 2009

Picture a Day - More Catch-Up!

August 20: My sister-in-law took a trip to Texas and came back with a souvenir for my son that makes him the equivalent of Chuck Norris!!! LOL

August 19: I shared how far behind I was on the laundry last time for Picture a Day... well here we go again... at least this time I am one step ahead! :) Let's just pray it doesn't fall over!

August 18: I was really trying to catch-up on my housework that had been piling up! Some things never end!...

August 17: I went out to eat with my good friend Nat! We hadn't seen each other in quite a while, we had a great dinner together. (No wonder here why I gained 2 pounds recently!)

August 16: My family and I went to a church in a town that we are praying about moving to... the Pastor's message was GREAT - we LOVED it there!

August 15: This is me and my friend Jenn! This picture was new to Facebook recently and I LOVE it! (This was at our National Scrapbook Day crop :)

August 14: I have been reading more recently and am really enjoying it... I am very tired of movies and have obviously not wanted to be on my computer much lately either.

August 13: I met my middle sister's newest baby!!! He's a sweet little guy. (My older sister took this shot of him :)

August 12: Oh d-d-d-ear (sorry my kids are watching "The Tigger Movie" while I type this)... You never know when the phone rings - just what type of news it will bring - the call this day was a very SAD one!

August 11: Look, more reading... yes romance - which I normally don't read, but I liked this one because it is based on the book of Hosea in the Bible, very strong life applications in this story, it was beautiful.

August 10: Yes before I got to reading I was watching more 'So You Think You Can Dance' on Youtube! This picture is from my favorite routine all season.

August 9: This is my son playing with his Vader Tator's arm like a gun... he's such a boy!

August 8: This is my niece on the day of a pageant I didn't get to go to since I was sick :( It seems like it was just a couple years ago when she was a little toddler in my wedding! She wows me now!

August 7: This is where the reading started :). I read it out loud to my hubby while he played his world of warcraft computer game and ate his dinner. Another very encouraging book!

August 6: :) My niece's birthday... another day I missed from being sick! I TOTALLY LOVE this picture of her that her mommy took!

August 3: I slept a WHOLE lot (thank you Joshie) and woke up with TOTALLY swollen glands! Ouch!!!!

August 2: Yes, more movie watching... sick - sick - sick!!! Cough, cough, cough, shiver, shiver, shiver, aaaaaaa-chooooooo!!!! a-chhhhhoooo! aaaaa-chooooo! This was a good movie.

July 31: Yep... we had the flu!

July 30: Not just any old flu - but the swine flu! And this picture below is funny (not mine) but not how we got the flu, lol!!!

July 28: I weighed myself - even while sick - and found out I hit my pre-pregnancy goal!

July 24: This I think was the day I started to get sick :( it took about 2 weeks to get better!

July 23: There were many beautiful days before we got sick - I found more flowers I didn't know our rental house had :)
... snapdragons are one of my favorites!!!! My daddy would always make them "talk" for me - a very fond memory!

July 22: This was my first day doing the P90X Core Synergistics DVD and I think it is my favorite... it was a little of everything and it HURT! I loved it!

July 21: My hubby and I met with my uncle's real estate agent, and have been praying about different areas to move to since... I am learning patience :)

July 20: Here was a fun birthday card I got it the mail that I thought you would enjoy!

July 19: This is the front of the first church we went to visit after God called us out of our former church home... great worship, sweet, friendly people and very down-to-heart messages.

July 18: My daughter is home again!!! I let her stay at my sister's house for a week to go to Vacation Bible School, I missed her so!! Oh! my girl is getting so big!

July 17: When I went to pick JJ up I also stayed for my sister's Ice Cream Party and got to see my lil brother! :)

(He's gone back to school! But could use prayer because he has already ended up sick and in the emergency room from the "new" environment of germs! My sister even had to give him the dreaded emergency shot in his leg because he was throwing up!)

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Beth in NC said...

Goodness! I don't know what to comment on first. I guess I should say PRAISE GOD YOU ALL SURVIVED THE SWINE FLU!!! I'm glad you're better!

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED REDEEMING LOVE!!! All of Francine Rivers' books are awesome!!! You'd love the Legacy series (I think that is the name) about 5 women of the bible.

I loved all of your pictures. Your new nephew is beautiful.

Come visit me sometime.

Angela said...

Thanks for all the updates..Lots sure has been going on..Thanks for sharing the pic of your brother. I still remember when I 'found' you, that is when that accident had happened. God HAS and IS so faithful over this precious boy!!

I love that movie also 7 Brides...I LOVE old movies like that....

((hugs)) I enjoyed reading your post...I'm a very nosey person so this helped me KNOW what has been going on with you,,LOL