Monday, August 06, 2007

God's Perfect Timing

My husband started a new job today! Yippee!!

I know most of you probably don't know how annoyed we were with his previous job, but we were. Don't get me wrong he liked interacting with the customers and he enjoyed learning more about his trade, but the hours weren't steady, the benefits were trash and well, the company just didn't take good care of him. We had $40 co-pays for doctors appointments on top of receiving bills for 50% of all immunizations, blood work, tests, hospital stays, everything! It has not been fun receiving all those bills with him coming home at 1:30 instead of 5:00 wondering when we would be able to pay.

But as you do know I am pregnant again and will be going to the doctor at least once a month, so naturally I was worried about the bills that would be coming. Well God is so good, so perfect, and (did I mention) so GOOD!

His new job is a $3 an hour raise, it's a steady 40 hours plus some overtime a week, and the benefits are awesome. Even with vision and dental it is less per month what we were paying before. Plus he gets free drinks and a gym membership. They even bought him breakfast! :o)


Karla said...

How wonderful! Congratulations to your hubby!!

Rebecca said...

Congratulations! How exciting & what a relief I'm sure!

flipflopmom said...

WOOHOO!! I am so happy for you!!! $3 is WONDERFUL!!! and hey.. did you know your hubby looks a little Leo Dicaprio"ish".. Ü

My Quotidian Mysteries said...

Big Congrats and Praise God!