Tuesday, August 14, 2007

100 Free Prints!!!

I am trying a different online photo processing company, and thought I would share with you. It's Clark ColorLabs. The quality came out great, the colors were nice and the gloss was beautiful. They are even having a sale... if you purchase 400 pre-paid 4x6 prints for $36 they will give you another 80 prints for free!! Plus if you are new to them they will give you another 20 prints. This offer expires on the 21st.

Before Clark I was either printing at home or using YorkPhoto. But between the printer jamming, running out of ink, it printing streaks through my pictures, it not printing at all or having my pictures stick to the inside of my page protectors I was going batty!!! Then even when I sent my photos to York they were printing my digital pics "regular" size thus chopping off important parts of my pictures.

I used to arrange my photos on an 8.5x11 document so I could print as many that could fit on a page, like this...

I like my prints different sizes to make them more usable for scrapbooking. So when I purchase my 4x6 prints I do it like this...

Sometimes depending on what size I want my photo I can fit two on one 4x6, like one 2x4 and one 3x3, now that's frugal! :o)

I thought of using ScrapbookPictures.com again because I have used them before and know that they print in many sizes like 2x2, 3x3, 3.5x5, 4x4 etc. but doing it my way is almost $0.14 cheaper! Plus it can still be any size I want :o)

There are many other places out there like Snapfish, Shutterfly, Winkflash, Kodak, Walmart, Costco... I have used more than half of them, mostly because you get free prints when you first sign-up :o) but I also wanted to make sure I would be happy. I like the ones you can pick-up from the store because I don't have to pay shipping and handling, but I find it convenient that they just show up in my mail especially if I don't have to go to the store the will be at.

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