Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You are Welcome

Yes I am still here :o) I know, I know, no good blogging award to someone who hasn't blogged in 10 days! Sorry ladies, I've just been feelin' a little under the weather here lately.

I do want to say I have been very blessed that people are noticing I am gone, and that I have been receiving such nice thank you's for the gifts I sent out from the Scrapbooking party. I am glad you are all so happy with what you have won.  

If you didn't participate in the Blog Party I had, here's a little bit of what you missed out on...


Rebecca said...

I am so NOT missing the next one. Even just a reason to motivate me to sit down & scrap. I don't have any friends out here to scrap with yet so I jump at every opportunity to scrap 'with' someone, even if it is via the net.

Jan said...

THANKS for my book!!!! I'll be passing it along to a preggo friend!! : )