Saturday, June 09, 2007

A new Nephew!

I spent the whole day with my older sister today, it was wonderful. She is pregnant with her first baby and she told me she is going to be having a boy! :o) I can't wait, especially since she wants me to help her through her delivery no meds.
I have both of my little ones with no meds and I wouldn't do it any other way unless it was completely necessary. My hubby and I took Bradley classes before our girl was born. Bradley weights heavy on husband coached childbirth, and my husband did so well the Birth Home asked him jokingly what time they could put him on the schedule for the next week :o) I only hope I will be a great help to my sister :o)

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Rebecca said...

Congratulations on a little nephew! I had both my kids med-less, well pretty much. They put something in an iv to help relax me to get the contractions more regular both times but it didn't take away the pain, just made me a little sleepy. For my youngest my husband was out of state for training so my sister & best friend helped me through. I'm sure you'll be a great help to your sis. Make sure you take some photos before hard labor. She'll appreciate the memories later, well seeing the pictures anyway.