Monday, August 30, 2010

Balloons, Barf, Baptisms and My Baby oh my!

On Saturday we all enjoyed a beautiful birthday party for a one year old friend of ours... balloon man and all :)

Here is my youngest lady with her "fissie"...

... my brave man with his "hord and heild"...

And my lady with her "kiddy and ball"...

Just after that birthday party on Saturday my son threw up all over the back seat of our car, poor little guy. We attributed it to all the sweets and possibly the bubble solution since he was fine all night.

Though my oldest daughter threw up in her bed that night, poor little lady. I was still thinking it must have been that candy, my kids are NOT used to me letting them have that much candy!

Warfare? Write it off, write if off, write it off... yes three times... but not until we already had been through church service, lunch, shopping and a car ride to the beach!

As soon as we were getting out of the van at the beach B.boy threw up all over the back of Mini :( still in the car! (You can imagine our car smells wonderful!) At that point I said "lets just go home" but I totally wasn't thinking it! I was thinking "warfare!"

So we stayed, and actually little Mister had fun until he got cold and hungry...

And Mini was quite the sweetness in handling puke all in her hair, down her back, on her bum, down her legs and in her shoes!!! She just wanted to go to the beach...

The reason why I kept thinking Warfare!...

... I got baptized! I will blog my heart on the subject another time (hopefully soon).

... blessed obedience...

My Baby! oh my!
She started Kindergarten today! We started homeschooling today! This was me waking her up at 8:30 a.m. to make sure we could start around 9:00...

... the name tag at her desk...

... her waiting patiently for her first subject...

... she jumped right in...

... and LOVED it! I knew she would... I am so proud of her...

... I can't believe she is such a little woman already and that she will be 6 before the year ends!

* Sniffle * Sniffle *


Jepostle said...

Good Job Babe. I am glad you fought the good fight and were obedient to what God had you do.

Mary said...

Hi Carolyn...I have great news I am just writing to let you know that I have moved my blog. It has been a year in the making and I am letting everyone know the change and finally been made and just letting you know of the switch!

May old blog was http://www/brightspot4you.blogspot (dot) com

The new one is

Thanks so much!