Saturday, December 13, 2008

Children's Christmas Tea

They quite enjoyed the "soda" (that's what they were calling it) and the food... there were finger sandwiches in PB&J, turkey & cheese, and egg salad, also chocolate covered strawberries, grapes, "ants on a log", and scones :o)
JJ did want to color, she was waiting patiently for her craft - I'll blog that later :o)
B.Boy just wanted to play on his chair - that's my boy!
There is JJ praying fervently!
And B.Boy trying to follow suit.
Here they are watching an awesome little puppet show of the Christmas story!
Here is the star JJ put on the Christmas tree... I asked her why she loved Jesus and that is what she said *shoulder shrugging* ... okay!
I took them outside afterwards to get some playtime in...
JJ was so cute playing in that pretty dress of hers! And B.Boy did very well on the big swing by himself! All in all a nice day!

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