Friday, July 25, 2008

Blogging with Two Peas...

Today's question... "What are your scrapping plans for the weekend?"

Wow! Am I going to have time this weekend!? We are going to a park outreach tonight (Friday's count as a weekend, right). We are going to the Zoo tomorrow, but it shouldn't be all day. Sunday we go to church then straight to a family birthday party. I should have the evenings still to get stuff done... lol - along with the laundry, dishes and everything else.

Okay, okay, I'll stop making excuses and plan a goal...I needed to finish the journaling section of a page in progress. The page I am doing follows a Basic Grey sketch from the Haute Artist Blog and it is challenge from the Faith Sisters site as well.

I like it so far and cannot wait to share.... keep an eye out.


Trish said...

can’t wait to see it when you get finished :)

Jennifer said...

Nice to see you posting again! You children are simply adorable! Your blog is still messed up on my computer.

Love you!