Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another Update...

... yes, I know, six days later and I am finally going to post... where did my week go off to?! - you guys told me not to stay gone for long, and I don't want you too worried... so....

Lets go in order here...

  1. Friday's Park outreach was a blessing, especially to see how much the children really liked having us there.
  2. Saturday's Day at the Zoo was progressive and we all ended up a little burnt, but it was fun.
  3. Sunday's birthday party was a little disheartening because one of my family members had such a bad day, but my kids had a lot of fun, and I (finally) got to visit with my sister in law.
  4. Monday I went to the appointment with my sister's counselor - it went well, he told me I need little victories, so he gave me scripture that he wants me to memorize, and told me to make an appointment with my primary care physician because I have had baby after baby and then we will make another appointment.
  5. Monday after the appointment the kids and I went over to my sister's house and stayed there thru Wednesday afternoon. I brought my scrapbooking supplies with me in hopes to scrap with her, but we ended up not... it was nice to visit her, her hubby, and their kids... I also got to see my brother and mom for a bit.
  6. Monday night it seems I had a bit of a breakdown... please pray for me and my family.
  7. Tuesday I didn't get my tackle up for 5 minutes for mom because of this breakdown and sweet sweet Janice posted for me.
  8. Yesterday I came home with a heavy heart... Joshie took me out to dinner and a movie, we talked and I forced myself to sleep once again.
  9. Today I am spending a lot of my day trying to pray, but I am also doing laundry and dishes.

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