Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Honesty on its Way!

Yes I haven't blogged in years and this is what my re-entry post is going to be! It's the last Wednesday of 2015 and I am determined to motivate my belly off... literally! Not my butt, my belly!

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First let me say even though I was so close to my goal years ago and have gained half the weight back, I have been working very hard on noticing why I put the weight back on! I have been working on loving myself regardless of how much extra fat I am holding onto. I believe I have come a long way emotionally and am ready to attack this with a healthier outlook.

My Goals...
  • As far as weight goes I think 155 by February 1st is a good first bit.
  • No fast food will be a thing.
  • I will be exercising everyday.
  • And water needs to be a thing as well.

Food is how I got back here. I have still been exercising a lot and I am stronger in many ways than I used to be, but I emotionally eat. My food controls me instead of me controlling my food... and I done with the overly accepted chains of gluttony!

I still don't really drinking water. I have been trying to drink warm lemon water before anything else in the morning, so I will kick that up a gear.


Anything to get my mind off of this. I will not be target exercising because I think that just puts in me an unhealthy place in my head, and then I physically attack body parts that I truly still love. I love that my body allowed me to carry 4 healthy babies and have them all naturally! I have a lot of stretch marks, but I don't really care that they are there, I just don't like the jiggle, lol.

So I will be waking up to do Ashtanga yoga by myself in the morning and I will throw in anything else I feel like that day... P90x, Turbo Fire, a class at my Gym, a video with a friend or maybe even a jog with my kid.

I am lazy and have been so off and on lately that it will take a lot to stay on, but I can, I have and I will.

I never let myself gain ALL the weight back!


(These clothes WILL fit me again!)

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