Friday, January 11, 2013


She looks happy here, but she was just a trooper!

Not long after I last updated in 2011 my youngest daughter cut her hand and needed stitches!  I have had crazy experiences with my son running in the street and giving him the heimlich maneuver but never any real emergency room type accidents.

Poor thing, she tripped with a plate in her hand and landed on a broken piece when she caught herself on the floor. When I saw her hand I could see straight through to the muscle in her thumb!!!

She was amazing letting me tape it shut, she was amazing in the car and the nurses when she got there were amazed by her as well!  Such a strong little girl!  I love her so much!

Here she is all casual in the doctor's office now.  Even after all she went through, she is not scared of going back.

I thought it was funny how she was sitting there like a little woman! :)

I can't believe she's turning 5 this month!!!

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