Wednesday, February 02, 2011

My Weight loss Plan

Weight-In Wed

:) Okay so now that I am out of "my cloud", last week I started watching my weight again.

In case you haven't been reading, here is...

My Back Story:
In May 2009 I was 185 lbs (highest ever).
I got down as low as 158 lbs in December 2009 (27 lbs lost in 7 months).
Then I got pregnant and went up to 185 lbs again :) a good gain.

I was done making excuses before and am not going back! No more poor eating habits and excess weight. I want to be healthy and LIVING when it is my turn to be a grandma!

My Goals:
My all time goal is to get down to 130(ish) - I'll start to see what is reasonable when I get there.
That is a 40 lb loss, reasonably by December of 2011 when I stay on track.

My first goal will be to hit my pre-pregnancy weight first though :)  158 lbs by May!  When I hit that first goal my planned reward is a pair of new jeans!

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So how's everything going?

I am following the old Weight Watchers program on my own from home.  I randomly decided to start in the middle of the week because I figured five days of good habits for one week was better than none :).  I am glad I did!

More than before is always better - this is always a struggle of mine.

Didn't happen last week.  I am going to work on a tangible home schedule/routine to follow with exercise on there!

What was hard last week was dealing with my own attitude. When I want to change and get better but others don't, it bugs me.  I know I cannot force good habits on others.  I have been praying that I would see how selfish I am to not take care of myself, so as to not push my own personal conviction on others :(.

It was a good week, even though it wasn't technically a full one.  I was happy also to do well even though we had gone out to eat a couple times.  It is always nice to know you could make good choices while you are out, but it is another thing all together to actually DO IT! :)!

Plans for the Week
More water.  Exercise.  Set up a schedule/routine and follow it!

I took some new "start" weight photos today!  And I was brave this time, but I won't share the full shots till I get some better after shots going! :) I was a little encouraged by the Biggest Loser I think!

So ideally I would like to see less around the tummy - front, sides and back.
But on top of that (good Lord willing) I would also like to have less on my arms and neck too.

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Alicia said...

Girl..I know you can do it...again!

And I love how transparent you are! I don't think I could ever post a picture of me like that! You are awesome!