Sunday, October 17, 2010

Update on Homeschooling

It's been over a month and a half now :).

It was all so exciting at the beginning, and it still is, to be able to see the way my daughter thinks and processes thought is amazing to me! She is a lot like her daddy and I think he is a genius in many ways!

We got sick two weeks ago which truthfully made me FAR too lax with our starting time, which then rolled over into a bad habit for last week! Tomorrow - for the start of this next week I am determined for this habit not to continue!

My daughter is doing so well though, regardless of our "flexible" schedule. She is flying through math like it is all review even though she never went to pre-school to officially learn these basics (she just loves knowledge:).

Language arts is going great for her. She is loving all the different fairy-tails and definitely enjoys making alternate endings and illustrations of her own!
Here is a picture I took while we were acting out scenes from Cinderella :)...

Phonics she flies right through as well even though she has never done it. She knows that this is what will teach her to read, which she has so wanted for about a year now! She has had certain books memorized by recognizing what is going on in the illustrations for a while!
This is JJ during Phonics tugging her ear to show me that a certain word had the "secret sound" we were looking for :) so cute!

Art and Music are OBvioUSly great fun! She loves to spend extra time in art class. And as for music, she memorizes the songs so sticking fast!!! I am so proud, she recognizes melodies and rhythm so well. She even sings the songs so often just through her day of play that her little brother and sister as learning her songs as well!

Science and History are so new to her that she gets a little frustrated sometimes when she has to try a little harder to pay attention, but she really does enjoy learning! I am even re-learning some of the things I know I have forgotten from History. We have been taking a "trip" of Europe and she is doing well well recognizing all the different countries on that continent!
Last week learning about the Netherlands we made a dike and canal out of play-doh. See "Mr. Traveler" there safe on the land? :)!

We have even made some time to involve my older little man who will be in Kindergarten next year. Just since his older sister has started school he has sprouted into quite the artist! We are so proud of him!

We are also very excited to say that our son is now Born-again! I make time for a little worship, Bible time and prayer most morning (sadly not every morning depending on when we start). But during one of those times he wanted to pray to welcome Jesus to come and live in his heart! :)

Actually just this morning JJ was "preaching" at my husband... "Daddy did you know that you have to be born twice to go to heaven? You have to let Jesus in your heart which means you are born-again. Daddy are you born-again?" I LOVE LOVE LOVE that she asked him this because it shows just how much she cares for him, she cares about his eternal well-being! ... preach it sister... I mean daughter! :)

Thank You Lord. I definitely see where You have given us these kids as a blessing and a reward, though I don't often feel worthy I do always feel thankful! I love You!

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