Monday, September 20, 2010

My kids Cut their Hair!

I found all three of them in their room with three pairs of scissors.
They each had their own pair like they were cutting each other's hair!
There was hair on the ground.
I tried not to overreact.

I accessed my oldest daughter first, who was not too bad, only self angled bangs.

Then my son, no problem we could always cut his ALL short.


But when I got to my youngest I acting started to cry silently. Not like it wouldn't grow back. But it was just so short and choppy all over the place. The photos didn't accurately show half the disaster. There were 1/2 inch pieces sticking out all over the place! I was more worried about how to fix it and sad about the fact that this was her baby hair.
She gave herself her first haircut!...

I called my husband first.
Then later on when I was ready to talk about the problem, I called my friend whom is amazing with hair and I knew she would be willing to help.

She is a great job. So cute.

No worries we didn't cut it all short, she just pulled the rest back all cute like.

And JJ got some straight bangs as well :) Nice smile for the camera huh?

If only I could keep those well-cut bangs in order all the time on my own!

Mommy is not the hair dressing natural that her friend is :) Thank you friend!!!

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