Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Update on the Bump :o)

I thought I should update you all since I am feeling very much like baby is going to come sooner rather than later... This is not the greatest of pictures of me for my face and hair :o) The pregnancy has made my cheeks break out like crazy (bummer).

This pic is of me at 37 weeks... I am due in another 3 weeks on the 31st of this month... we'll see.

Notice I purposely stood in front of my scrapping desk for you all? :o)

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Amy said...

You look great- you’ve got that mom glow thing going!

You are now more pregnant than I’ve ever been, and I have two kids! (33-weeker and 30-weeker) I’m thinking of you, and praying that all goes well when this little one decides to arrive!